Lowenstein, Essentials of Hamiltonian Dynamics (1st Edition), Summary & Solution

Lowenstein, Essentials of Hamiltonian Dynamics, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of classical dynamics

Section 1.1 Newtonian mechanics

Section 1.2 Configuration space

Section 1.3 Lagrangian formulation of Newtonian mechanics

Section 1.4 Hamiltonian formulation

Section 1.5 Examples

Chapter 2. The Hamiltonian formalism

Section 2.1 The Poisson bracket

Section 2.2 Canonical transformations

Section 2.3 Simple examples

Section 2.4 Canonical invariance of Lagrange brackets

Section 2.5 Generating functions for canonical transformations

Section 2.6 Canonical invariance of phase-space volume

Section 2.7 Covariance of Hamilton’s equations with explicit time dependence

Section 2.8 Continuous one-parameter groups of canonical transformations

Section 2.9 The Hamiltonian formulation of electrodynamics

Section 2.10 Normal modes for linear oscillators

Chapter 3. Integrable systems

Section 3.1 The Liouville–Arnol’d theorem

Section 3.2 Fast track for separable systems

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