GRE Physics GR1777, Problem 009 Solution

GRE Physics GR 1777 Problem Solution

009. Classical Mechanics (Kinematics)


$latex \\frac{1}{2}Mv^2 = \\frac{3}{2}kT$,
where $latex v$ is the root-mean-square speed of molecules in an ideal gas, $latex M$ is the mass of the molecule, and $latex T$ is the temperature of the system.

Since $latex k = \\Big( \\frac{n}{N} \\Big) R$,
then $latex \\frac{1}{2}Mv^2 = \\frac{3}{2} \\frac{n}{N} RT$.

Therefore, $latex v = \\sqrt{\\frac{3RT}{M}}$.



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